Maximilien Becq-Giraudon

Maximilien Becq-Giraudon is a film music composer. He integrated in 2018 the Trio program, both a device that aims at supporting the carrer of young composers and a film music residency, sponsorised by the SACEM and the national film center (CNC). His music has won numerous awards, including best music for a short film (at the Mulhouse Tous Court festival in 2015).

A fan of Wagner since his youth, he later discovered contemporary music, in particular Henri Dutilleux and spectral music, which led him to study composition at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris. He was then introduced to the worlds of rock and electronica via the music of Radiohead and Archive.

His careful attention to harmonies gives his work an undeniably classical feel. However, not wanting to stop at a single musical genre, he also composes other styles of music, including electronic music, which inspires him with its expressive rhythms and creative use of sound. Whether written for a classical ensemble or electronic instruments, his work is always intricate and evocative. It can sometimes be light and introspective, and other times more lyrical, inspired by the work of Gabriel Yared.

In addition to composing for film, he also writes music for live theatre, including for the play “Bureau National des Allogènes”, presented by the NOSE collective in 2018. In 2018, he released his first EP for his solo electronic music project, under the stage name MxBG.